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In GOAL, the artist Noa Klagsbald wants to tell an untold story about Israeli sports and the city of Lod: a story of coexistence, equality and a common striving for victory.
During the project, the artist will collect small, intimate and everyday moments that take place in the locker room of the football team. "Back Stage" will be brought to the front and will present the unique and inspiring human mosaic that takes place in Lod's mixed football team as an example of team cohesion striving for a common victory.

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Noa Klagsbald

Noa Klagsbald

Noa Klagsbald is an international artist, focusing on photography and sculpture. Klagsbald's works deal with the connection between art, sport and community and focus on social issues, such as the relationship between men and women, the connection between community and fans and group cohesion. Noa graduated with honors from Shenkar's multidisciplinary art department. During her studies, she was awarded the Lior Ziv Photography Prize. In 2020, she was selected as one of the most promising young people under the age of 30 by the prestigious Forbes magazine. Her works have been shown in a variety of exhibitions and are included in many collections.

In 2021, the solo exhibition "Temporary Equality" received much coverage and praise from both the art world and the world of sports. In addition, Noa was chosen to be the first artist in Israel to lead the series of collaborations of the Factory 54 luxury store chain with artists from various fields.


Photo by Daniel Hanoch

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