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I just floated around and looked at the earth and I said: “my job right now is just to be a human being, just be a person. And you know, I stopped being an astronaut, there I was a human being in space…” Rusty Scheickart, the first astronaut to test the moon suit in the vacuum of space. Dialog at Eight Km/Second is a collaboration between the astronaut and Dana Yahalomi (public movement), which will be taking place through several conversations the two will be holding throughout the training, while on board the Space Station and after his return to Earth.

The dialogs will form a performance space, which will enable the astronaut to showcase himself together with the artist and to echo the dissonance between the substance of the astronaut and his substance as a human, the tension between the human, everyday, intimate experience and the laboratorial, synthetic, documented living space.
The outputs of the conversations will be transformed into an audio work which addresses the listener as a potential agent that is faced with the dilemmas and conflicts arising from the conversations - can the chasms between the makeup of the human soul and the accelerating technological progress be bridged? the conflict between the desire to cross the boundary between the possible, the familiar - and gravitate onto the side of danger of losing everything which defines us as humans.

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Public Movement

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Public Movement

Public Movement

Public Movement is a performative research body that investigates and stages political
actions in public spaces. It studies and creates public choreographies, forms of social
order, overt and covert rituals. The group works across artistic mediums including
performance, dance, theater and visual art. Public Movement has performed in
renowned art institutions worldwide including Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv;
Guggenheim Museum, New York; Hebbel Am Uber Theater, Berlin; Asian Art Biennial,
Taipei; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne; and steirischer herbst
Festival, Graz. The group has won several awards including the Essential Art Prize
(2021) and Rosenblum Prize for Performance Art (2017).
Dana Yahalomi is the co-founder of Public Movement (together with Omer Krieger)
and its director since 2011.

Photo by Yanai Yechiel

“Above us only sky” Ilan Ramon, RIP, 2003

The Rakia Mission is an example of the extraordinary collaboration between a great number of different entities. It is an expression of the values of peace, innovation, leadership and social responsibility. The combination of dreams this mission represents, and the proof that anything is possible - these are a major part of our vision.

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Ramon foundation
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