Art in Space: Rakia’s Art Project

Leading Israeli artists have been invited to create new groundbreaking forms, activities and thoughts about the essence of humanity.

Udi Edelman, Art Project Curator

Udi Edelman is the Director and Chief Curator of CDA Holon (Center for digital art). The Founder Director of the Institute for Public Presence and Chief Editor of Maarav – art and culture journal. Among the exhibitions and projects he curated are “Histories”(2013) on ‘historically interventional art’; “State<Chronicle”(2013-2014) history in public squares; HeLa: Formations of Human Existence”(2014) about the post-human condition; “Akcja PRL”(2015) performance festival of public action, Warsaw; “Monument/Action” trilogy (2016-2018); “What are monuments made of”(2017), 11th Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania; “Murals” (2019-) exhibition and on-going public art project and “Atlas of Mediterranean Liquidity” (2020-) regarding water issues around the Mediterranean.

His research and work often deal with history in art, action and performance in the public sphere, critics of technology, artistic research, and cooperation between academic thought and artistic practices.


Udi Edelman, Exhibition Curator

Hadas Gur Arie, Art Project Coordinator

Hadas is the curator of the artist Ludwig Bloom's collection. Holds a bachelor's degree in general history and art history from Tel Aviv University. And a master's degree in art history from the Hebrew University.

In her research work she examined works in which the artist Henri Rousseau paints children. The thesis based on a variety of studies in the fields of art history, history and sociology, alongside essays written in the second half of the 19th century.

In early 2022, the Rakia mission will be launching into space with Israel’s second astronaut on board and the first to go to the International Space Station - Eytan Stibbe. As part of this, and besides scientific and educational tasks, a series of new works of art are going to be exhibited in a condition of microgravity.

Art, in all its forms, has accompanied the journey into outer space from the very start. It works as a driver of new possibilities and for reflection on the essence of humanity. Art, which is created for space missions, beyond Earth and relative to Space, stimulates the imagination and ideas that are ahead of their time. Art leads the fantasy of space travel and of the opportunities it holds for mankind. It is an opportunity to contemplate the unknown and man, and to pose challenges for the scientists and for ourselves.

The Rakia’s art project seeks to create new, groundbreaking forms, activities and thoughts about the essence of humanity and about these times. The Art Mission is taking place through partnership with the Center for Digital Art – Holon and the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Art. In it, 15 selected artists have bee invited to develop suggestions for works that will be done at the Space Station, over the communication medium, with an earthbound perspective of the journey. The artists are supported by Udi Edelman, the project curator and an advisory board. These days the series of activities and works for the journey is being prepared - in the Space Station, on Earth and in the media space. The works are going to be added as a substantial course in the new space exploration.

Among the topics the artists have been invited to work on are: the non-human dimensions - the astronomical, the molecular, the virtual; the human body in space; psychology of the stay in space; sound and communication in the Space Station; linkages to the scientific and educational missions and their expansion.

Udi Edelman,, Art Project Curator

Hadas Gur Arie, Art Project Coordinator

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A Sound Guide to the International Space Station

Maayan Tsadka

A sound art work that will be collected from several sources and will form a sound documentation of the life at the ISS.

Correspondence - A Visual Journey Diary

Izhar Cohen

A unique travelogue in which Eytan is going to share his thoughts with the artist, and which will form the basis for illustrations, which will be collected inside it.

Dialog at 8 km per second

Public Movement

A series of personal interviews which examine the tension that exists between the astronaut himself and in contrast to society’s expectation from the image of his role.

Earth Signal Universe Wide

Yanai Toister and Nimrod Astarhan

A sculpture of radio waves, which will be broadcast from Earth to the ISS and into space, creating a new form of art.


Noa Klagsbald

A staged photograph of Lod football team that echoes the unique and inspiring human mosaic that also exists at the ISS and is an example of team cohesion that strives for a common victory.

Gravity Drama!

Yael Frank

A cultural experience in a functional environment.

Ground Control

Ofri Cnaani

A guided tour to the ISS of ideas, images and thoughts.

Impossible Object

Liat Segal and Yasmin Meroz

A sculpture that will be assembled in the ISS and will have its three-dimensional structure, due to the conditions of non-gravity.

Jump Deep

A collective of graduate artists from the Sapir College of Art

Eytan will be at the ISS in a state of micro-gravity, the artists on earth are planted in the ground and in tradition. Want to show a video that talks about the desire for "micro gravity".

Nothing in Space

Ohad Fishof

symbolic act of ‘necessary wasting’.

Painting in Space

Asad Azi

Photographs of Eytan from the ISS window and a painting by Assad on them.

Space Jewel

Freddy Shachar Kislev

The first show of space jewelry - jewelry designed to operate in micro-gravity.


The mission is being carried out together with the Center for Digital Art in Holon. Some of the artists are supported by the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts.

“Above us only sky” Ilan Ramon, RIP, 2003

The Rakia Mission is an example of the extraordinary collaboration between a great number of different entities. It is an expression of the values of peace, innovation, leadership and social responsibility. The combination of dreams this mission represents, and the proof that anything is possible - these are a major part of our vision.

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Our updates will bring you one step closer to space

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