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Eytan Stibbe

On November 16, 2020, the Ramon Foundation announced that Eytan Stibbe was going to be Israel’s second astronaut in space as the Foundation’s envoy.

Astronaut in a desert-like terrain

The first Israeli in the

International Space Station

About Eytan

Eytan Stibbe is a social impact investor and Israeli philanthropist. He has spent years working to advance marginalized populations in developing countries. Eytan was a fighter jet pilot and flight instructor in the Israeli Air Force with the rank of colonel. He is soon going to be flying to the International Space Station on a private flight. Eytan Stibbe and Ilan Ramon were close friends already during their military service in the Air Force. When Ramon was practicing for his upcoming space mission, Stibbe visited Ilan and his family in Houston and he even visited the NASA training facilities.


This exposed Stibbe to space exploration, where he realized not only its scientific importance, but also the degree of curiosity this field aroused in each person regardless of their age. Ilan Ramon never came back from his space mission and the ties between the two families strengthened over time. In the years that have passed since then, Stibbe has kept track of the progress being made in space exploration, industry and technology. The moment it became possible to fly privately (rather than through the government space agencies), Eytan jumped on the opportunity to make a dream come true. As an envoy of the Ramon Foundation, on November 16, 2020 it was announced that Eytan Stibbe was going to be Israel’s second astronaut in space.

About The Mission

The Ramon Foundation and the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology are sending the second Israeli, EYTAN STIBBE, into space, on a historic mission. The purpose of the ‘rakia’ mission is to inspire the younger generation while advancing and expanding the Israel space industry.


At the beginning of the year 2022, a mission is anticipated to leave for the International Space Station; a mission in which Israel will have a significant presence, capable of contributing much to development of the space industry and to improving life on earth. AX1, an enterprise initiated and led by the Axion Space company, the first mission to the International Space Station – subject to approval by NASA, was manned entirely by private astronauts. As such, it brought tidings of a revolution in manned flights to space, a revolution that will facilitate generating substantial progress in the field. The three astronauts who lead the mission included the Israeli businessman, previously a combat pilot – Eytan Stibbe. Stibbe, a close friend of the Ramon family, was  the second Israeli in space, and the first in the international space station.


The mission, headed in Israel by the Ramon Foundation in conjunction with the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology, will facilitate promotion of a variety of topics which will contribute enormously to Israeli society and to all of humankind. The ‘rakia’ mission serves as an example of extraordinary collaboration between diverse factors, and it manifests values of peace, innovation and social responsibility. Connecting the younger generation in Israel and around the globe to these values, combining the dreams which the mission embodies, and proving that really anything is possible – these are topics that play a central part in the Ramon Foundation’s vision. The mission enabled Israeli entrepreneurs and researchers to advance innovative ideas and provided a rare opportunity for them to test their enterprises in a unique study environment, thereby contributing to international and Israeli research industries. In addition, the mission made diversified educational activities accessible, to benefit all Israeli children. It was in fact, be the first time that Israeli children and youth had access to the International Space Station, in HEBREW.


In addition, series of new Israeli art works were shown under sub-gravity conditions. Moreover, this mission was part of the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology’s extensive strategy to turn Israel into a world class space superpower, and to generate a local Eco-system of approximately 350 companies in the field of Civil Space, providing a livelihood to around 25 thousand employees, and being responsible for about 0.5 billion dollars in annual private investments in Israeli industry. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Dragon Spaceship in space

The Team

Steering Committee

Eytan Stibbe

The second Israeli Astronaut

Ran Livne

Head of Mission and CEO Ramon Foundation

Meirav Catriel Shtarker

Mission Director

Inbal Kreiss

Chairperson of the scientific committee

Hadar Vernik

Chairperson of the Education Committee

Gil Pelleg

Chairperson of International relations committee

Melody Korman

Mission Coordinator

Education Committee

Scientific Committee

International-Relations Committee

Communications Team

Hadar Vernik

Chairperson of the Committee

Sari Roth

VP at Kamatech

Shelly Ron Adiv

Community and Education manager at the Israel Space Agency

Maya Golan

Director of Family Philanthropy, JNF Israel

Adi Altschuler

founder of the "Krembo Wings" youth movement, founder of "Memories@Home", founder of "Inclu-Inclusive Schools"

Yaniv Waizman

Founder and ceo at teenk, founder and chairman at IGY & Council member at TLV municipality

Shirin Nautar Hafi

Director of the ORT Lod School of Science and Engineering

Bar Machluf

Winner of the Ramon Award for 2021

Maayan Honig

Educational mission coordinator

Maya Shamit

Educational mission coordinator

Inbal Kreiss

Chairperson of the scientific committee Head of Innovation Systems Missiles and Space Division, Israel Aerospace Industries

Mr. Avi Blasberger

Director, Israel Space Agency, Ministry of Science and Technology

Dr. Osnat Luxenburg

Head of the Medical Technologies, Information and Research Division, Ministry of Health

Mr. Tzachi Shenrach

Head of the Technologies and Market Industries Division, Deputy Director Innovation Authority

Prof. Avishai Eyal

Head of the Optics and Photonics Laboratory, Program head of undergrad studies at the School of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Ehud Bechar

Dean of the Faculty of Physics, expert at Astrophysics Former Director of Asher Space Center, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Prof. Orit Shefi

Head of Bio-Engineering program, member at the institute of nanotechnologies and neuro-science Faculty of Engineering Bar Ilan University

Dr. Jacob Cohen

Chief Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center & Ramon Foundation advisor

Prof. Dan Blumberg

Head of the Remote Sensing and Imaging Laboratory Vice President of Regional-Industrial Development, Ben Gurion University

Prof. Dror Heretz

Faculty member in Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University Head of Research Authority at Sheba Medical Center. CEO and founder of VBL Biotech Co.

Dr. Shir Stibbe

Donors Representative, Pediatrics Resident, Sheba Medical Center

Eliran Raphael Hamo

Committee Coordinator - Researcher in the Department of Science and Engineering of materials Tel Aviv University

Gil Pelleg

Chairman of the committee, Israeli Space Agency

Amit Stibbe

Donors Representative

Rami Brnadiner

Committee Coordinator

Kelly Ymar

Spokeswoman and communication manager of the 'Rakia' mission,  PR team lead. kelly@shalomtelaviv.com, Mobile 050-5233363

Mor Ben Kalifa

Media consultant at the 'Rakia' mission PR team

Lirin Hasson

Social media manager at the 'Rakia' mission PR team

Mia Balaban

Media consultant at the 'Rakia' mission PR team. Mia@shalomtelaviv.com

Sivan Fidelman

Media consultant at the 'Rakia' mission PR team

Asaf Kupferstein

Social media advisor at the 'Rakia' mission PR team

Ori Ben Josef

Social media advisor at the 'Rakia' mission PR team

Udi Edelman

Art Mission Curator

Hadas Gur Arie

Art Mission Coordinator

Arts Committee

“Above us only sky” Ilan Ramon, RIP, 2003

The Rakia Mission is an example of the extraordinary collaboration between a great number of different entities. It is an expression of the values of peace, innovation, leadership and social responsibility. The combination of dreams this mission represents, and the proof that anything is possible - these are a major part of our vision.

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Ramon foundation
Israel space Agency
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